A powerful analytical platform to
connect data sources

TEMS GeoBase is a new, high resolution, geospatial analytical platform offering revolutionary, highly granular resolution, right down to the square meter (m2).

Several hundred KPIs are included in its site-ranking analytic module, delivering an unprecedented level of detail and information. In addition, multiple radio bands are analyzed to provide a complete picture of the network.

Importantly, our solution can perform tasks in a matter of hours that would normally take 8–10 people around two months to complete. With TEMS GeoBase, the process takes less than an hour and needs just a few mouse clicks!

TEMS GeoBase.
Make better use of network investments.

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TEMS GeoBase

A revolution in big data geospatial analytics

TEMS GeoBase combines an unlimited number of data sources for smarter and faster decisions to effectively plan, optimize an operate a competitive mobile network.

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TEMS GeoBase can rapidly geolocate and connect hundreds of data sources, allowing you to:

Analyze CAPEX

Analyze CAPEX

Analyze and rank network CAPEX investments based on subscriber needs and the benefits they deliver

Make cost savings

Make cost savings

Identify significant savings through power usage analysis

Deliver incisive analytics

Deliver incisive analytics

Experience innovative and highly interactive real-time analytics through the TEMS GeoBase user interface

Understand your network

Understand your network

Reach new levels of understanding about your network

TEMS GeoBase

Smarter Decisions Faster

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TEMS GeoBase

Case Study

The challenge of network performance

A Tier1 mobile operator in the U.S. needed a Big Data Analytics solution, to reduce the cost of planning and deploying cell-sites across the U.S. The operator currently has over 100,000 cell-sites, and it monitors more than 100,000 places of interest. Customer satisfaction and network performance is evaluated on over 2 billion individual (100mx100m) areas. Each year the operator needs to decide which new cell-sites should be built, and regularly spends billions of dollars on Network expansions annually.

The operator chose TEMS GeoBase to help direct investments more effectively. The solution is expected to go live in Q2 2016. TEMS GeoBase will provide the operator with new insight, so that it can manage its investments much more effectively. It will replace a process that currently takes 8-10 people two months to complete. With TEMS GeoBase, the task will take less than an hour and need only a few mouse clicks!

A better understanding of network and customer base
The solution assigns a value to each individual proposed cell-site, based on hundreds of different types of underlying raw data, ranging from network counters to population density. The proof-of-concept has already been used to perform Network Merge Analysis, which helps it to decide which of the thousands of cell-sites inherited from another operator should continue to be used, and which could be replaced.

The operator found that TEMS GeoBase enabled a better understanding of network and customer base, improved CAPEX investment decisions, and applied unique insight to data sets. As a result, the detailed analysis of new sites delivered CAPEX savings of 40% in the first year.

Utility Cost Analysis was also performed, leading to potential savings of $11 million each year. Finally, Geo Revenue Analysis enabled it to undertake a geographical analysis of network usage and customer revenue, to enable a detailed understanding of the locations in which the most income is generated.

The Solution

Importantly, the solution was delivered at a fraction of the cost of other Big Data solutions in the market today. Uniquely, we can also provide input from its Customer Experience Prediction simulator (TEMS Capacity Manager), which allows users to look 6-9 months into the future and determine what the customer experience will be like if a new cell-site is not introduced. This combination is the only solution in the world that will allow a network operator to design its network based on the expected customer experience, six months hence.

Other Use Cases already being explored involve energy saving analytics, performed by adding a data layer that specifies the power consumption of each cell site, and even recommends the location of retail outlets using data on consumer purchasing patterns. Importantly, the tool uses world-leading analytics and visualization techniques to give clear reports that enable managers and executives to make faster, simpler, and better decisions.

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