The Perfect Solution for Benchmarking Mobile Networks

Today, many Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are looking for ways to reduce operational expenses by improving efficiency in their network performance testing and benchmarking processes, especially when it comes to how they perform drive testing for mobile networks. And they want to do this without compromising standardized benchmarking methodologies, access to the latest consumer devices, and the ability to test both current and new technologies.

Now with InfoVista’s TEMS Paragon, MNOs can streamline the mobile network benchmarking process, reducing (and even eliminating) many significant factors contributing to OPEX that relates to drive testing for mobile networks, including:

  • More time spent driving than needed to meet minimum statistical significance requirements
  • Costly re-tests due to undetected problems during data collection
  • Multiple people, including highly-skilled engineers, in the field conducting a single drive test
  • Time-consuming stops to conduct equipment troubleshooting, reconfigurations, or data analysis
  • Lack of efficient centralized real-time remote campaign management and analytics

par·a·gon, meaning “to compare” – a central function of TEMS Paragon’s benchmarking capabilities.

TEMS Paragon

Optimize Your Mobile Network Benchmarking Projects

Powerful Network Testing
Efficient Workflow Management

TEMS Paragon is a highly-efficient, multi-device QoS and QoE data-collection and work-order-management solution for all network performance testing and mobile network benchmarking campaigns, no matter how large or small.

The TEMS Paragon drive testing system for mobile networks combines TEMS innovative scripting engine and device control capability with a powerful wireless network measurement platform secured in a ruggedized enclosure, a durable UE chassis supporting up to 20 devices, a web-based workflow management user interface for simple driver monitoring and control, and prompt access to the latest commercially-available consumer devices.

The result? A solution designed specifically to provide mobile operators and engineering service providers the means of conducting comprehensive network test campaigns in less time, with just one person (the driver) in the vehicle, requiring minimal system interaction (via web-based UI) and user equipment (a tablet).

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Key Features

  • Powerful Data Collection

    • Innovative scripting engine with device control capability
    • Real-time upload of test results, log files, and KPIs
    • Scalable system configuration supporting up to 20 devices
    • Variety of mobile devices and test scenarios
  • Ruggedized Hardware Platforms

    • Durable mil-spec case securing software/hardware components
    • Sturdy UE chassis for securing multiple devices
  • Real-Time Remote Management & Analytics

    • Real-time remote configuration, management, monitoring, and analysis from the back-office with TEMS Director
    • Post-processing, reporting, and visual analysis of data collected during the drive-test with TEMS Discovery
  • Efficient Workflow Management

    • Work Order Design utility for test setup and configuration
    • Pre-validation utility for test script and probe configuration
    • Simple driver/tester interface with integrated turn-by-turn navigator
    • User-friendly system control, monitoring and alert notifications
  • Latest Technologies & KPIs

    • Wide range of commercially available consumer devices, including flagship smartphones from Samsung, HTC, and Apple
    • All networks (LTE, WCDMA, GSM, TD-SCDMA, CDMA) and new LTE technologies (Gigabit LTE, LTE-A & LTE-A Pro, LTE-U, LAA, VoLTE, ViLTE, 4x4 MIMO, 4x20 CA)
    • Thousands of information elements and quality measurements (POLQA & PEVQ-S), compliant with ITU and ETSI standards

Use Cases

  • Efficient Benchmarking


    Once the test is setup and configured, a drive-tester simply loads the test equipment into the vehicle, launches the driver UI & navigator app, selects a Work Order, starts the system, and drives.
  • Internal Benchmarking


    Create a baseline of multiple network measurements from the subscriber point of view in one run, using up to 20 devices. Then compare subsequent network performance against the baseline, reducing the overall number of drives.
  • Competitive Benchmarking


    To consistently provide a competitive network, it is necessary to regularly measure subscriber experience across operators, devices, and services. With TEMS Paragon’s multi-device solution, MNOs and MSPs can compare more network performance measurements with fewer drives.
  • Define Work Order Goals

    Define Work Order

    Reduce costly re-tests and over-drives by configuring criteria for work order completion (duration, planned route, script completion, service execution, time of day, and value elements), alert notifications, and conditions requiring a test be aborted.
  • Remote Management & Analytics

    Remote Management
    & Analytics

    With TEMS Director, engineers can remotely configure project information, SIMs, work orders, & trigger conditions; manage system configurations; monitor alarms and route, probe, and project statuses; analyze performance, service, & event information; and create reports.
  • Post-Processing & Reporting

    Post-Processing &

    Use TEMS Discovery to make sense of the data collected from the network by analyzing measurements and then visualizing this information using GIS mapping, and other visualization methods.

    Want to deliver a superior mobile subscriber experience?




    RF engineering user interface for monitoring detailed radio information, KPIs, etc.

    PCTEL IBflex and MXflex scanners

    PCTEL IBflex and MXflex scanners

    Map Navigator

    Map Navigator

    Audio turn-by-turn navigation simplifies the program and increases safety.

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