Real-time Remote Management & Analytics for All Network Testing Projects

Whether deploying new network technologies and devices, densifying networks in high-traffic areas, troubleshooting and optimizing network performance, or comparing service quality and subscriber experience against competitors, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) all strive to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs related to the administration of their network testing projects.

Achieving operational efficiency when managing multiple network testing projects can have many challenges, including:

  • Scheduling tests at different times (hours, days, weeks) and durations
  • A variety of test locations, including indoor, outdoor, and underground
  • Employing mobile (walk-testing, drive-testing) and/or fixed probe approaches
  • Using different testing & measurement tools, such as TEMS Pocket and TEMS Investigation
  • Different use cases requiring unique testing methods, such as baseline testing, competitive benchmarking, troubleshooting, active monitoring
  • Continuous updating of testing scripts, parameters and services
  • Test script distribution to multiple agents
  • Remote and real-time troubleshooting of test/service exceptions

Now with TEMS Director, MNOs can manage and analyze their network testing projects from a single back-office web-based application.

TEMS Director

Advance Your Network Testing with Back-Office Administration

Manage. Monitor. Analyze. Report.

TEMS Director is a web-based centralized back-office solution for real-time orchestration of all your network testing projects, regardless of unique project requirements.

TEMS Director helps MNOs improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs with an all-in-one administration console for remote management and monitoring of a variety of mobile and/or fixed test probes, as well as offering real-time data analytics and reporting.

With TEMS Director, network engineers can plan and manage multiple network testing projects across a variety of TEMS solutions, including TEMS Pocket, TEMS Investigation, TEMS Paragon, TEMS Voyager, and TEMS Sense, all from one centralized back-office web-based application.

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Key Features

  • Advanced Analytics in the Cloud

    The new Analytics Advanced option uses Root Cause Analysis to help you resolve outages quicker and is deployed via the Cloud to simplify setup and cut your costs. It includes:

    • VoLTE Root Cause Analysis
    • OTT Video Root Cause Analysis

    Please contact InfoVista to discuss availability.

  • Remote Management & Configuration

    • Intuitive web-based interface with drag-and-drop script designer
    • User-friendly wizard for creating projects and configuring test probes
    • Over-the-air (OTA) and Ethernet communication capabilities with the test probes
    • Simple management of measurement triggers by date, time, and location
  • Real-Time Analysis & Reporting

    • Analytics dashboard for drill-down troubleshooting of voice & data performance
    • Automated statistical analysis & report generation, providing actionable intelligence
    • Hundreds of measurements, including service and network, FTP and HTTP, scanner, streaming and social media, and voice and handover
    • Supports all major wireless technologies including NB-IoT
    • Compliant with ETSI and ITU testing and measurement standards
  • Project Status Monitoring

    • Easy-to-use monitoring dashboard with standard and custom charts and graphs
    • Maps and grids for viewing geographically positioned data
    • Real-time status of projects, test devices, work orders, KPIs, & locations
    • Proactive identification of network issues for quicker resolution
    • Early error detection notifications to minimize wasted drive and walk testing time
  • Integration with TEMS Portfolio

Use Cases

  • Orchestrate Multiple Projects

    Orchestrate Multiple

    Directly manage a walk-test in a downtown business district, a baseline test for a new technology deployment, and a cross-country competitive benchmarking campaign, all from a single web-based dashboard application.
  • Configure Project Work Orders

    Configure Project Work

    Remotely configure all Work Orders to instruct test devices where, when, and how to perform testing. Use the Script Designer to create and maintain test scripts consisting of simple or multiple tasks governed by control logic.
  • Monitor All Projects Real-Time

    Monitor All Projects

    Stay up-to-date on the status of every current project by project name, actively monitoring work orders associated with each project, as well as the test devices, test activities, map locations, KPIs, and measurement alerts.
  • Comprehensive Indoor Analytics

    Comprehensive Indoor Analytics

    Ensure an optimal indoor mobile experience. Use the Analytics dashboard to analyze in-building voice and data performance, including unique walk-test measurements like Small Cell Indication-LTE and Top 1 Macro Ingress-LTE.
  • Analyze Streaming Video Performance

    Analyze Streaming
    Video Performance

    Mobile video accounts for more than half of all mobile data traffic. Use the Analytics dashboard to analyze streaming video measurements, including Streaming Video IP Service Access Time Mean and Streaming Video Quality PEVQ-S Mean.
  • Analyze Performance of Social Media

    Analyze Performance
    of Social Media

    Drill-down into performance of social media services, such as Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Analyze measures such as Logon Failure Ratio, Operation Average Round Trip Time Average, & Operation Throughput Average.

    Want to deliver a superior mobile subscriber experience?

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