Proactive End-to-End Service Monitoring

Today’s mobile subscribers expect high quality, uninterrupted voice and data services anytime and everywhere they connect to the wireless network -- where they work, where they play, where they shop, where they travel, where they dine, where they relax, and even where they wait. And while important, it’s not enough to periodically measure service accessibility and quality at different times and locations, or wait until problems are reported by customers to Customer Care or shared online in forums and social media. Not only can this result in customer churn, it can also impede subscriber and revenue growth.

To stay in front of potential service quality issues that can negatively impact subscriber experience, mobile operators should continuously monitor the end-to-end performance of the network in delivering services like VoLTE, ViLTE, SMS, and streaming video, as well as OTT applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Now with InfoVista’s TEMS Sense, operators can remotely monitor voice and data service quality continuously across their networks.

TEMS Sense - TEMS Director and remote monitoring

Remotely Monitor Service Performance

Early Issue Detection. Quicker Problem Resolution.

TEMS Sense is a powerful network testing & measurement software running on a TEMS Remote probe, developed for remote automated monitoring of service performance from a variety of stationary locations.

TEMS Sense runs on a TEMS Remote probe in any fixed location, enabling constant automated monitoring of operator and Over-the-Top (OTT) services, giving operators end-to-end visibility into whether or not these services are meeting or exceeding SLAs and subscriber expectations. And because TEMS Sense enables remote monitoring of service quality from any centralized location, operators can proactively identify issues early before they become major problems that lead to customer dissatisfaction, costly calls to Care, negative marketing, and even churn.

TEMS Remote probes running TEMS Sense software can be mounted or placed securely in just about any out-of-the-way location suitable for continual quality monitoring, including retail stores and shopping malls, warehouses and distribution centers, airports and depots, business buildings and high-rise complexes, even a Base Transceiver Station (BTS). Once probes are mounted and activated in the desired locations, operators can manage each probe, monitor status, perform virtual tests, and analyze service quality metrics real-time, anytime from a centralized location using TEMS Director.

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Key Features

  • TEMS Remote Probes for Stationary Automated Monitoring

    • TEMS Remote probe with factory-installed consumer Android smartphone
    • 4 SIM slots, battery charging capability, 2 fans, local storage, and automatic recovery
    • Compact hardware design with ABS thermoplastic and polycarbonate protective housing
    • Mountable on a wall or other secure location with a reliable signal
  • guage

    TEMS Sense for Measuring Service Quality & Experience

    • Industry-leading software for collecting and measuring QoS and QoE data from a user point of view. Compliant with ITU-T and ETSI standards
    • Voice & Messaging: Voice calls (CSD & VoIP); voice quality (PESQ & POLQA); VoLTE; Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP); Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR); Call Barring; Call Forwarding; Call Waiting; Call Holding; SMS Send; SMS Receive; and more
    • Data: FTP; HTTP; Ping; DNS lookup; connection time; throughput; DL/UL time; Web browsing; Web 2.0; IP testing; mobile broadband; video streaming (e.g. YouTube); video quality mean opinion score (VMOS); Video Ping (VPING); mobile TV; and more
    • OTT Applications: Email; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube
  • TEMS Director for Efficient Centralized Remote Administration

    • Remote over-the-air probe & modem management
    • Script Designer in TEMS Director Fleet for creating scripts and scheduling events (e.g. radio, SIP, sessions, etc.) using script triggers
    • Intuitive Script Designer for creating and editing test scripts that emulate user interactions
    • Remote Client View for real-time testing and device monitoring and control
    • Highly scalable and robust backend data storage solution
    • See TEMS Director for more information about remote test configuration and administration
  • Powerful Data Analytics & Detailed KPI Reporting

    • Standard Dashboards feature in TEMS Director Fleet for results from one or more probes
    • TEMS Director Analytics dashboards (optional license) for enhanced post-processing and presentation of results
    • Analytics Builder application in TEMS Director Analytics for creating custom dashboards
    • Data recorded in logfiles for post-processing in TEMS Discovery (licensed separately) for geo-based visual analysis

Use Cases

  • Regression Testing Automation

    Regression Testing

    Use TEMS Sense Remote Client View to remotely conduct real-world-scenario regression testing on one or more fixed probes before and after deployment of a new service, upgrading an existing service, or making a change to the network.
  • IMS Service Monitoring

    IMS Service

    IMS services like VoLTE provide efficient use of spectrum and new revenue sources. Use TEMS Sense to continuously monitor VoLTE service and ensure reliable, high-quality voice (and video) calling anytime, anywhere across the LTE network.
  • OTT Services Monitoring

    OTT Services

    Run TEMS Sense from fixed probes located across the network to monitor the performance of applications and services from over-the-top service providers delivered to and used by wireless subscribers.
  • Ensure Access & Reliable Service When Roaming

    Ensure Access & Reliable
    Service When Roaming

    Ensure network access and reliable services when subscribers roam by placing monitoring probes in key geographical locations worldwide. Use the data to determine need for new roaming partners or to assess and improve SLAs.
  • On-Site Service Monitoring

    On-Site Service

    Mount probes running TEMS Sense in facilities where mobile subscribers congregate, like large malls & retail stores, government facilities & business buildings, airports & depots, etc. Remotely monitor service performance & availability throughout the facility.

    Want to deliver a superior mobile subscriber experience?

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