Analyze, optimize and visualize
your RAN data

TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing mobile operators and their service providers with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by subscribers at the device, application and network level.

This holistic approach is unique to TEMS Discovery, empowering operators to lock-in premium subscribers by validating that they are receiving the service levels they demand, around-the-clock, from any location, and across voice, data and integrated media services.

Ensure that service levels are met,
right through to the customer device

TEMS Discovery Key Capabilities

  • Automation


    Automate and reduce the time associated with the data processing function, from the file import to script execution, categorization of problem sets, to the generation and sharing of reports
  • Analytics


    Make sense of the data collected from the network by analyzing measurements and then visualizing this information using GIS mapping, and other visualization methods
  • Customization


    Customize and share the most up-to-date scripts and reports in order to standardize processes, share best practices, and improve ways of working across the organization
  • Reporting


    Easily create reports that include both out-of-the-box and predefined KPIs to view network performance across multiple dimensions, troubleshoot and optimize network issues



    TEMS Discovery


    TEMS Discovery

    Desktop & Enterprise

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