Mobile Network
Verification and Testing

End-to-end active testing is the only measurement technique that takes into account the view and perspective of the subscriber. TEMS Automatic offers a range of options to fully automate end-to-end active testing processes and deliver a truly holistic view of the network as perceived by your customers.

The combination of the acclaimed TEMS FleetManager with TEMS Automatic provides real-time feedback of measurement activities from all deployed probes. It enables operators to automate end-to-end service testing with maximum efficiency in any environment, which reduces the need for RF field engineers to perform drive testing and data analysis.

Automate end-to-end active testing for a holistic network view.

Supervise and control remote probes from a central location

Designed for Multiple Use Cases

TEMS Automatic is designed for multiple use cases, including Quality Monitoring and Competitive Benchmarking, traditionally regarded as manual engineering tasks. TEMS Automatic automates these tasks thanks to the addition of TEMS FleetManager, which enables management of the fleet of measurement probes and their activities.

Its power lies in its ability to supervise and control probes remotely from a central location.

Collect measurements in any environment

The ruggedized casing and system design makes TEMS Automatic ideal for physical deployment on buses, taxis, trains and boats, and for permanent deployment in key areas.

TEMS Automatic can also be used in trucks and delivery vans, which enables the autonomous collection of data while vehicles are in use. No physical interaction is required to control, collect or upgrade the system when it’s remotely installed because it’s managed through the TEMS FleetManager.

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TEMS Automatic


TEMS Automatic

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