Fully Autonomous Testing of Mobile Subscriber Experience

To continuously improve and maintain superior network performance and optimal subscriber experience, mobile operators must consistently monitor Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) KPIs across their network. This is very challenging for mobile operators striving to minimize operational expenses, since ongoing network testing throughout a coverage area has traditionally required highly-skilled engineers in the field.

With TEMS Voyager, mobile operators, engineering services, enterprises, government, and regulators can now, through small or large-scale deployment of fully autonomous mobile network testing probes, actively measure and analyze network performance and subscriber experience across entire coverage areas, while significantly reducing the need for RF engineers in the field.

TEMS Voyager

Expand Your Mobile Network Testing

Remotely Configured. Fully Autonomous.

TEMS Voyager is a powerful data collection software developed for fully autonomous mobile network testing of subscriber experience using a TEMS Remote probe.

TEMS Voyager software runs on an autonomous TEMS Remote probe with an integrated consumer smartphone, making it the ideal solution for mobile operators and engineering service providers who want to minimize operational costs associated with regular wide-scale testing of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) across the network.

Simply mount one or more TEMS Remote probes running the TEMS Voyager software in a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles (e.g. buses, trains, delivery trucks, etc.), and begin actively measuring and monitoring mobile subscriber experience throughout all network coverage areas. Everything else is done remotely by engineers in the back office using TEMS Director to configure, manage, and monitor all the autonomous mobile network testing campaigns. And using the TEMS Director Analytics dashboard, RF engineers can analyze KPI performance real-time. TEMS Discovery can also be combined with TEMS Voyager for post-processing and geospatial analysis of network performance.

Want to deliver a superior mobile subscriber experience?

Key Features

  • Autonomous TEMS Remote Probe

    • Supports unattended network testing, requiring no interaction by the driver
    • Equipped with TEMS Voyager client software running on an integrated commercially-available smartphone
    • Includes 4 SIM slots, battery charging capability, 2 fans, local storage, and error recovery hardware
    • Compact hardware design with ABS thermoplastic and polycarbonate protective housing
    • Can be mounted directly to any vehicle or to a TEMS UE Chassis
  • Powerful TEMS Voyager Software

    • Automated testing scripts for generating events to record changes in the Radio layer, device operation, script progress, and more
    • Control functionality for modifying device behavior, including locking to a RAT, band, cell, channel, Codec, LTE CA, and more
    • User-friendly interface, customizable data views, and simple-to-use action bar
    • Remote client access from TEMS Director, showing current status of TEMS Voyager client software, testing activities, measurement results, and communication status with TEMS Director
  • Remote Test Configuration & Administration

    • Remote over-the-air software administration using TEMS Director
    • Intuitive user interface for writing test scripts and creating work orders
    • Remote Client View for real-time monitoring and control
    • See TEMS Director for more information about remote test configuration and administration
  • Real-Time Analysis & Post-Processing

    • Automatic over-the-air streaming of field measurements, events and KPIs to TEMS Director
    • TEMS Director Analytics dashboard for remote back-office troubleshooting & analysis using maps and charts
    • Data views for analyzing radio events and service KPIs
    • Data recorded in logfiles for post-processing in TEMS Discovery for geo-based visual analysis
  • The Latest Devices & Technologies

    • Quick access to the latest TEMSified devices from OEMs like Samsung, HTC, and Sony
    • All networks (LTE, WCDMA, GSM, TD-SCDMA, CDMA) and new LTE technologies (Gigabit LTE, LTE-A & LTE-A Pro, LTE-U, LAA, VoLTE, ViLTE, 4x4 MIMO, 4x20 CA)
    • Thousands of information elements and quality measurements (POLQA & PEVQ-S), compliant with ITU and ETSI standards
    • Service KPIs ranging from Audio (AQM scores of CS, VoLTE), traditional data services (FTP, HTTP, SMS, PING, etc.) to new services (Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and many more
    • Real-time Layer 3 and SIP message view (including message details) for each probe

Use Cases

  • Autonomous Mobile Network Testing

    Autonomous Mobile
    Network Testing

    Just place the TEMS Remote probe running TEMS Voyager software securely in any vehicle for fully autonomous, unattended testing of subscriber experience. No direct interaction with the probe required by the driver.
  • Fleet-Based Drive-Test Campaigns

    Fleet-Based Drive-Test

    Mount TEMS Remote probes running TEMS Voyager software in any fleet of vehicles (e.g. drive-test vehicles, delivery vans, even trains), and run scheduled tests of mobile service quality and subscriber experience anywhere the fleet goes.
  • Special Network Testing Projects

    Special Network
    Testing Projects

    Need to perform quick network troubleshooting or competitive benchmarking, but don’t want to send an RF engineer into the field? Now you can complete any drive-test projects using TEMS Voyager and any driver.
  • Remote Real-Time Management

    Remote Real-Time

    Use the Fleet dashboard in TEMS Director to remotely configure test scripts, manage settings, and monitor network testing progress all from a single UI in any back-office location with Internet connectivity.
  • Remote Real-Time Analytics

    Remote Real-Time

    Use the Analytics dashboard in TEMS Director for real-time back-office analysis of hundreds of network measurements, including service and network, FTP & HTTP DL/UL, streaming and social media, and voice and handover.
  • Post Processing & Reporting

    Post Processing &

    Use TEMS Discovery for post-processing and visual analysis using GIS mapping, and other visualization methods. Create robust reports that present network performance visually, in charts, graphs, and maps across multiple dimensions.

    Want to deliver a superior mobile subscriber experience?

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