RAN Planning

    Simplify radio network planning and optimization decisions for areas of poor performance or quickly growing traffic demand.

    • LTE Planning

      Leverage geo-located call traces, live network performance and configuration data to timely and accurately plan your LTE network.

    • 3D Planning

      Accurately plan small cells, locate hotspots and increase return on network densification with 3D visibility on indoor traffic distribution and network coverage.

    • Small Cell Planning

      Establish a successful HetNet strategy to maximize small cell ROI through accurate RF planning.

    • Automatic Cell Planning

      Achieve higher spectral efficiency and better quality by ensuring network additions and upgrades are designed and implemented with the most optimal locations and site configurations.

    • Automated Coverage Intelligence

      Automate the production of network coverage maps; quickly access, share and publish KPIs.

    • Unified Planning and Optimization

      A simple, integrated approach to achieve your RAN planning and optimization objectives with live subscriber and network intelligence.