Microwave Backhaul Planning

  • Mobile backhaul planning and optimization
  • Optimize the backhaul network capacity to avoid bottlenecks while meeting availability objectives.
  • Monitor and address mobile backhaul network performance

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Solution at a Glance

Setting a new standard for mobile backhaul planning solutions, InfoVista enables microwave and transmission engineers to tackle the most complex management, planning and optimization challenges of current and future wireless and wired backhaul networks. Supporting the planning and design of both line-of-sight (LOS) and NLOS wireless networks – and integration with InfoVista’s end-to-end mobile network performance management platform – InfoVista's backhaul network planning solution feeds mobile operators’ network planning and design efforts with all the current data required to efficiently plan backhaul network performance.

Use Cases 
  • Point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave planning
  • Planning of LOS and NLOS connections
  • Efficient backhaul capacity planning and performance management based on live network data
Our Services 

InfoVista has a strong commitment to ensuring that our network performance orchestration solutions are performing at their best for you. Customers who take advantage of our training, consulting and support services experience faster return on investment and more successful implementations by working together with our experts.