WAN Optimization

  • Controlled, tightly coupled WAN Optimization with Application Control
  • Application Acceleration to alleviate chatty applications, such as CIFS
  • De-duplication and redundancy elimination that drastically reduces the amount of repeated data

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Solution at a Glance

Ipanema’s WAN Optimization accelerates response time to improve delivered Quality of Experience (QoE). It includes a combination of techniques, including redundancy elimination – also referred to as compression, byte caching or de-duplication – TCP acceleration and application acceleration mechanisms like SSL optimization and CIFS optimization.

WAN Optimization is dynamically applied under the Application Control umbrella to ensure that the delivered additional performance always serves the most critical applications first, as defined by the global Application Performance Objectives (APOs).

Use Cases 
  • Handles any IP flow, including SSL-encrypted
  • Used in all network topologies, including fully meshed and asymmetric routing
  • No direct interaction with application servers
  • SSL encryption and decryption is SaaS-compatible
  • Fully integrated with application control and visibility, QoS and WAN security

“Our plasma donor centers are Grifols most critical points on the network. That's why we have begun implementing Ipanema application visibility, application control and WAN optimization to avoid a network outage, accelerate network traffic and guarantee the availability of our Web applications.”

Global Network Manager

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