Subscriber Group Quality Assurance

  • Insights into individual/group subscriber quality data
  • Shift optimization strategies based on subscriber perceived KPIs
  • Focus optimization efforts on high value users

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Solution at a Glance

Traditional KPI-focused approach of network performance management does not allow mobile operators to determine which network degradations are affecting high-profile customers. VIP enterprise customers could be left with poor service, jeopardizing a profitable and reliable revenue stream for the mobile operator.

Through InfoVista’s automated RAN geolocation and optimization carrier grade solution, mobile network operators will now have the ability to monitor different groups of subscribers – primarily enterprise customers – and provide aggregated quality of experience (QoE) indicators in order to optimize network performance management efforts.

Use Cases 
  • Combining Subscriber Intelligence and Network Intelligence
  • Centralize Mobile Network Performance Information
  • Deliver custom service level agreements (SLAs) for enterprise customers
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