RAN Troubleshooting & Analytics

  • Customer-centric, in-depth mobile network troubleshooting
  • Accelerate root cause analysis and troubleshooting for RF performance problems
  • Subscriber call traces for efficient troubleshooting

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Solution at a Glance

Mobile operators must quickly identify and resolve service quality issues to reduce customer churn by resolving network performance problems before customers even notice them.

Through Xeus, InfoVista provides RF engineers with a completely new dimension of network performance analysis and troubleshooting processes - all in a flexible desktop-based solution. Xeus’ core strength is the ability to intelligently post-process, analyze and geolocate multiple network and subscriber intelligence data points, bridging the gaps between network parameter data, traditional drive test data and extensive call trace data.

Use Cases 
  • Root Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Utilize live network data for accurate and efficient troubleshooting
  • Analyze and fix customer-impacting problems quickly
Our Services 

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