RAN Configuration Audit

  • Overcome multi-vendor network configuration complexities
  • Automate necessary but manually-driven data configuration checks
  • Manage planned and live network configuration

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Solution at a Glance

As technology evolves and network complexity increases, proper RAN configuration settings become more critical, especially in areas where the network relies on inter-system handover between different technologies or network elements.

To simplify network configuration complexities, InfoVista introduces its multi-vendor RAN Configuration Audit Solution, Xeda. This product was designed around a mobile network operators (MNOs) need to maintain consistent network parameters, which have a serious impact on Quality of Service (QoS). Xeda seamlessly handles multi-vendor and multi-technology situations as well as problems that arise due to day-to-day network operations, such as site rollouts and re-homing.

Use Cases 
  • Network Health Check
  • Network Parameter and Configuration Audit
  • Optimization Analytics and Fault Detection
  • Accurate mobile network planning with live network data
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