Public Safety Radio Network Planning and Optimization

  • Accurately plan and design mobile networks for First Responder organizations
  • Ensuring network quality and service assurance of LTE Public Safety Networks

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Solution at a Glance

To meet growing demand for real-time data communications and streaming video from Public Safety and First Responder organizations, LTE-based public safety networks with high-speed mobile data must be deployed by such organizations all over the world. The multi-stakeholder nature of these deployments and the need for mission critical communications by first responders makes planning and building these networks particularly challenging.

As the RF network planning and optimization solution market leader with extensive knowledge and understanding of legacy critical communications systems, such as P25 and TETRA, as well as current and evolving LTE standards, InfoVista has significant experience in meeting the unique requirements and demands of First Responder organizations - and deploying public safety networks. InfoVista’s RF planning software, Planet, can easily integrate with existing systems and processes, while delivering outstanding simulation capabilities. It offers the perfect solution to ensure the reliability of critical voice and data communications services for First Responder organizations.

Use Cases 
  • Ensuring consistent network quality and service assurance of LTE Public Safety Networks
  • Planning and design of wireless networks for First Responder organizations
  • Coordination and collaboration of large, multi-stakeholder network deployments
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