Network Planning Automation

  • Effectively manage network planning activities
  • Automate and integrate network coverage maps
  • Quickly access, share and publish coverage and KPI intelligence

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Solution at a Glance

Infovista’s network coverage intelligence solution streamlines the connections between internal and external stakeholders by making it easier to produce, integrate, access, analyze and modify the information derived from air-interface simulations, measurements and the related RAN configuration.

This centralized network coverage intelligence repository and visualization platform combines the ability to plot powerful coverage maps with per-technology and spectrum granularity, insightful statistics and performance KPIs, which are imperative for operators deploying 3G and 4G heterogeneous networks (HetNets) based on complex interworking macro and small cells infrastructures.

Use Cases 
  • Effective Management and Visualization of Network Rollouts
  • Customer Care RAN Intelligence
  • Insight for Marketing
Our Services 

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