Multi Radio Access Technology Planning

  • Advanced Heterogeneous Network Modeling Capabilities
  • Integrated Access to Network Performance, Configuration, and Live Call Traces Data
  • Coverage and Capacity Maps Based on High-Accuracy Models

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Solution at a Glance

InfoVista offers advanced multi-RAT planning and optimization solutions. With the ability to access live data such as highly accurate, geo-located call traces, temporal selections of network performance data, and live network configuration and parameters, the InfoVista solutions provides RF engineers with an accurate view of their mobile network’s current status, its evolving traffic demands and existing network issues. This facilitates timely planning and optimization decisions for areas of poor performance or quickly growing traffic demand.

Use Cases 
  • Strategic RF planning of multi-technology scenarios to optimize ROI 
  • RF network design - create coverage and capacity maps based on high-accuracy models
  • Utilize network performance data and live traffic data

“Planet software allows our engineers to make accurate and timely decisions to better support our clients. Having a single vendor that offers software, data and technical services is a great benefit to working with InfoVista.” 

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InfoVista has a strong commitment to ensuring that our network performance orchestration solutions are performing at their best for you. Customers who take advantage of our training, consulting and support services experience faster return on investment and more successful implementations by working together with our experts.