Customer SLA Reporting

  • Differentiate Carrier Ethernet and IP VPN-based business services
  • Maximize customer experience with out-of-the-box reporting tiers
  • Normalize vendor-specific metrics with real-time, standards-based reporting

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Solution at a Glance

Equipped with InfoVista's performance assurance platform, CSP's can provide their customers sophisticated, self-service dashboards, full end-to-end SLA and performance visibility, self-configured thresholding and application performance visibility. Empowered with more than just a proof point for the service's quality, but advanced, actionable intelligence, CSP customers can triage, troubleshoot, manage, plan and communicate around the critical networking services they rely upon for their business, maximizing the network service's value.

Use Cases 
  • SLA reporting for MEF-certified CE 2.0 services
  • Facilitate custom, complex SLA requirements
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Reduce service desk call volumes and SLA penalties
  • Generate incremental revenue

XO turned to InfoVista to help them deploy a single, highly configurable Carrier Ethernet service assurance platform, which network engineering, network operations and management teams could query when needed for network performance management, capacity planning, proactive troubleshooting, as well as SLA management. XO wanted the platform to deliver robust, customized, and MEF-compliant customer reporting, as well as individualized dashboards for their internal teams.

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