Geolocation Intelligence

  • Leverage geolocated subscriber insight in any solution
  • Gain realistic insights into the performance of complex network environments
  • Integrate with other software solutions

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Solution at a Glance

InfoVista’s out-of-the box geolocation intelligence solution can be used as one of the building blocks for SON technology vendors or other automation solutions. Utilizing the detailed subscriber information together with a powerful fingerprinting geolocation algorithm, software solution vendors can implement their own unique and intelligent methodologies on top of the results provided through this powerful solution. This enables them to utilize geolocated subscriber insight needed to maximize profitability on a multi-vendor, multi-technology network, and to troubleshoot network performance and service quality problems smarter and faster.

Use Cases 
  • Leveraging subscriber aware data for new services or solutions
  • Services or solution differentiation
  • Improving solution result accuracy and efficiencies
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