Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)

  • Achieve high spectral efficiency
  • Leverage live network data
  • Optimize today’s complex networks

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Solution at a Glance

InfoVista offers efficient ways to optimize the Radio Access Network (RAN) with Planet’s integrated ACP)">Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) solution with unique spectral efficiency goal that truly optimizes multi-technology capacity and quality. With connection to the live network data to support intelligent network planning and efficient network optimization, InfoVista’s ACP solution goes beyond the traditional scope of planning, providing several benefits, including the ability to minimize cell overlap and interference levels. This allows mobile operators to be ahead of the curve by accurately and timely deploying small cells, HetNets, LTE-Advanced and other next-generation technologies when needed. Right at the outset, mobile operators planning efforts will pave the way for both optimal QoE and ROI.

Use Cases 
  • Optimize Network Spectral Efficiency and Maximize ROI
  • Strategic RF Planning of Multi-Technology Scenarios to Maximize ROI
  • Integrated Access to Network Performance Data and Live Traffic Data
Our Services 

InfoVista has a strong commitment to ensuring that our network performance orchestration solutions are performing at their best for you. Customers who take advantage of our training, consulting and support services experience faster return on investment and more successful implementations by working together with our experts.