Application-aware Networking

  • Deliver the information and value enterprise customers need
  • Differentiate VPN-based business services; maximizing customer acquisition and retention
  • Enhance the customer experience and generate new revenue

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Solution at a Glance

With InfoVista's performance assurance platform, CSPs can deliver application usage and performance visibility to any and all VPN customers without the inherent cost of a typical enterprise-managed service. CSP customers can instead enjoy integrated network and application performance using the network equipment itself.

Combining flow-based technologies like 5View NetFlow, network-equipment-embedded application discovery, recognition and deep-packet-inspection (DPI) plus InfoVista's own virtual DPI, the innovative CSP can deliver empowering performance intelligence on what enterprises care about most -- their applications.

Use Cases 
  • Deliver ubiquitous, probe-free, application performance visibility
  • Generate new revenue and create new business opportunities
  • Maximize the value of the WAN
  • Transition from the WAN provider to the IT partner

"As a leading communications company, we continually strive to enhance the customer experience while optimizing our infrastructure to manage costs. InfoVista has the technology and creativity to help support our business in the delivery of innovative services for our customers."


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