Application Visibility

  • Provide full understanding of application usage and performance over the global network
  • Gain insight from the smallest performance detail all the way up to SLA-based application performance management
  • Holistically understand the performance of cloud applications

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Solution at a Glance

Fully integrate application visibility with other Ipanema system capabilities – the first step for enterprises to regain control over their networks. Application visibility enables IT departments to establish application performance baselines and verify the benefits of other Ipanema features.

Use Cases 
  • Comprehensive set of reports include CxO dashboards to deliver a high- level overview of the network
  • High granularity allows the analysis of traffic and performance of all applications in the network 
  • Application Quality Score (AQS) can be used as a common KPI, relevant to all applications
  • All IP packets are measured by using actual traffic on the whole network
  • Cost-effective because the Ipanema system does not require appliances on all sites

“The overall visibility and real-time reports on application usage and performance and the ability to prioritize  the performance of critical business applications in all circumstances were decisive factors in choosing Ipanema.”

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