Application Performance Use Cases

    Deliver the application performance you need across different use cases for your business.

    • ERP, CRM & Business Applications

      Ensure on premise and cloud-based applications get the network performance they need to maximize IT contribution to the achievement of your business objectives.

    • Unified Communications

      Maximize VoIP, video conferencing and file sharing user experience, accelerate UC&C (Unified communications & collaboration) adoption while ensuring bulky flows are not impacting other business apps.

    • SaaS, Cloud Apps

      Ensure optimal end-user experience over private and public clouds; quickly identify whether slowness comes from the WAN, the Internet, or the SaaS provider.

    • WAN Governance

      Maximize network ROI and substantiate network investment with data-driven decisions based upon sound analytics and KPIs.

    • Application & Network Performance Management (APM & NPM)

      Proactively control and troubleshoot application performance across the network to exceed QoS expectations and meet SLA objectives.