Application Control

  • Dynamically adjust network behavior and resources to the exact application traffic demand
  • Guarantee critical application performance in the most complex and changing traffic situations
  • Protect business-critical application performance down to each application flow in the WAN

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Solution at a Glance

AIn an application-driven business environment, IT organizations need Application Control to rely on the strongest bandwidth management solution to guarantee application QoE for their users. Additionally, corporations must strive to construct networks that will support all IT transformations – Unified Communications, Cloud, SaaS, BYOD – with full business-objectives alignment. Ipanema's solution helps organizations to achieve all of these IT transformations that rely upon the performance of the WAN.

Use Cases 
  • Define and apply global performance objectives for the entire network
  • Drive application performance over the global WAN
  • Protect all applications, including real-time and interactive flows
  • Manage complex meshed flows

"We now have complete application visibility & control, which make it easier to guarantee our video conferencing application performance without impacting other business-critical apps and upgrading our WAN connectivity."

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