What is secure SD-WAN? The definitive guide

The network edge is evolving. Businesses are increasingly moving workloads to multi-cloud environments, as the physical headquarters are downsized and workers disperse from clusters of manageable hubs to thousands of remote home offices. We call this phenomenon the ‘Extended Edge’, a ‘new normal’ representing the evolution of the network edge beyond the physical boundaries of the corporate perimeter. 

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has become crucial for supporting this new Extended Edge. But what of the ever-growing threats of cyber security? 

What is Secure SD-WAN ebook

Download the second edition of this concise and readable eBook for a grounding in the security considerations of the complex enterprise networks you manage and the capabilities of SD-WAN in securing and controlling the Extended Edge. 

  • Learn about how SD-WAN has always been, by definition, intrinsically secure 
  • Get a recap on the tech behind SD-WAN and how it came about 
  • Dive into topics such as shadow IT, WSG, new types of firewall and cloud service-chaining 
  • Get a high-level overview of emerging trends in SD-WAN security