On-demand Webinar

Active End-to-End Testing to Enhance Network Planning and Service Optimization

Network performance is the most influential factor in customer loyalty today, especially for heavy users and enterprise customers. You need active, end-to-end testing to truly understand network performance and boost customer loyalty.

TEMS™ Investigation gives you everything you need to understand real network performance, providing the most accurate and realistic picture of your network, both before and after deployment. This software-based solution enables mobile operators and infrastructure suppliers to test real service quality, covering in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian test scenarios.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • Which test methodology to use for optimal result
  • How to obtain detailed Layer-3 measurement data for correlation, validation and calibration of your Planet model
  • How to capture valuable data and voice quality metrics with a variety of devices
  • How to access signal data from IoT devices (LoRa)
  • How to use locking functionality to test specific carriers, bands and cells

By combining Planet’s advanced planning capabilities such as quality of experience simulation with TEMS Investigation’s superior network measurement features, planners can get the most accurate and realistic picture of their network.