The Connected Car Challenge

Understanding Connectivity and Managing Uncertainty

The smartphone has ushered in the era of powerful mobile applications used by billions of consumers each day. The next evolutionary step is underway as connected automotive and industrial applications start to enter the commercial realm within areas such as automotive, transportation and industrial IoT.

Connected mobile applications also align closely with the drive towards smart cities, smart healthcare, smart security and other trends where wireless connectivity married with sensors, automation and AI can deliver creative, game-changing solutions that lead to major societal challenges.

This journey is accelerated by the arrival of 5G which unlocks new opportunities through performance and reliability improvements including lower latency, better QoS guarantees and higher throughput.

The scale of the opportunity is vast. For example, less than 10% of the 1.6 billion vehicles on the road currently support connected features. As connected applications become more useful, they also become more mission critical – increasing the consequences of poor connectivity which can result in customer dissatisfaction, business impact and safety consequences.