Woman looking at reports from TEMS Cloud, Infovista's real-time control and analytics solution


TEMS™ Cloud – Orchestrate, monitor, analyze and report on your network testing projects

Efficiently coordinate your network testing projects using TEMS™ Cloud, a comprehensive solution that streamlines the planning, management, and execution of multiple projects across various TEMS solutions. With centralized orchestration, TEMS Cloud reduces the fieldwork required by skilled engineers, cutting costs and ensuring consistent testing quality. Gain real-time visibility into your field units, simplify distribution of testing routines, and access real-time analysis and reporting with customizable dashboards tailored to each stakeholder.  

Powered by the unified NLA Cloud Platform, TEMS Cloud optimizes your network testing projects with enhanced efficiency, control, and analytics. Download the datasheet to learn how you can: 

  • Orchestrate a fleet of test devices by remotely configuring the distributing work order to test devices in the field 
  • Monitor drive test project progress with real-time visibility of all your TEMS units and address operational issues quickly 
  • Analyze and report on test results with near real-time test data visualization and reporting 

Download this datasheet to learn more.