Silhouettes of people holding phones to take pictures at a concert

Use case

Special Event Monitoring with TEMS™

Solution that fits your pocket

Large gatherings like music festivals, football matches, and special events can stress mobile networks (and CSPs teams).

With TEMS™ Pocket and TEMS™ Cloud’s real-time data analytics and remote control, enhance your network’s performance at large events without deploying engineers on-site.  

In this use case, discover how to leverage non-technical staff to support network testing effortlessly by equipping them with Infovista’s portable network testing solution, that fits in a bag or pocket, while engineers manage testing remotely from the headquarters.

Download our use case to learn how, by combining TEMS Pocket and TEMS Cloud, you can efficiently manage and optimize your network’s performance at special events, maximizing your engineering resources and ensuring seamless connectivity. 

Preview image of special event monitoring use case with TEMS™

Efficiently manage and optimize your network’s performance at special events