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Analyst & survey report

RCR Wireless: The evolution of testing in cloud-native, disaggregated network

The shift to cloud-native and disaggregated networks brings an agile, software-centric environment and with it, a high volume of changes to the network. All of these changes have the possibility of affecting service reliability and service continuity in a negative way. This means testing is essential to ensure that the network changes do not impact the end customer experience.

However, while cloud-native networks will add another layer of complexity to your network, it is unlikely that any headcount for network optimization will increase. That’s due to the general lack of available skills in the market, and the fact that operators are looking to reduce costs and pushing every single department to make cost savings.

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This report explores:

  • What a software-centric environment means for service reliability and continuity
  • What testing is critical in disaggregation and edge computing use cases
  • How integration and management of new releases in a multi-vendor environment pose a huge challenge
  • And the skills that are in high demand

Download this RCR Wireless News report to understand the evolution of network testing in a cloud-native world.