Technicians conducting network drive test to swiftly and reliably identify and solve connectivity issues

Use Case

Network Troubleshooting and Optimization with TEMS™

Troubleshooting and optimization

Once deployed, network optimization and troubleshooting is an ongoing task that requires constant monitoring of network KPIs. The effectiveness and efficiency of these processes will significantly impact the success of your 5G investment.

In this use case, learn how to use TEMS™ Investigation reliably test and improve your network with powerful device-forcing features, scripting, and workflow integrations, allowing you to:

  • Test native and OTT voice quality, OTT applications, and user interactivity for a comprehensive view of your subscribers’ experience  
  • Perform in-depth drive-testing for both new and existing cell sites.
  • Validate every new function and feature, ensuring your network delivers the best possible subscriber experience.
  • Understand and improve your network’s performance on the devices your customers use.

Download our use case to learn how to be in control with TEMS Investigation, aligning with global best practices and utilizing the latest test methodologies from ETSI and ITU-R.