5G network testing with TEMS Pocket at indoor stadium arena

Use case

Indoor mobile network testing with TEMS™

Portable phone-based solution

With over 80% of mobile data traffic occurring indoors, the stakes are high for seamless connectivity.

Discover how to enhance your in-building network testing, optimizing performance where it matters the most with TEMS™ Pocket.

Learn from this use case how this portable smartphone-based solution empowers your engineers' teams to walk-test indoor environments and deliver actionable insights for troubleshooting and optimization.

With TEMS™ Pocket:

  • Gain control over testing
  • Streamline walk-testing routines
  • Benchmark coverage against competitors
  • All with a single device solution.

Ready to elevate indoor network performance? Download our TEMS™ indoor mobile network testing use case now and unlock the key to improving subscriber experiences