Drone with test equipment flying near 5G cellular antenna during dramatic sunset

Use case

Drone-based testing with TEMS™

Efficient, portable solution

Mobile network testing can be challenging in areas with limited accessibility. However, these hard-to-reach locations often generate high revenue or have significant potential.

How to enhance your subscribers' mobile experience without compromising safety and costs? TEMS™ Pocket for drone-based testing provides an efficient, portable solution for validating network performance in challenging locations like industrial sites, stadiums, and tourist beaches.  

In this use case, learn how you can:

  • Get actionable insights with its advanced capabilities
  • Reduce testing time and costs by leveraging drone-mounted TEMS Pocket units.
  • Validate 3D beamforming antennas, optimize emergency services’ flight corridors, and troubleshoot networks with unparalleled ease and accuracy.  
  • Streamline your entire testing process by integrating it with TEMS Cloud to manage and control tests remotely.

Download the use case and discover how drone-based testing with TEMS Pocket can streamline your network validation and optimization efforts