Woman looking at reports from TEMS Cloud, Infovista's real-time control and analytics solution

Use case

Centralized network testing management with TEMS™

Centralize orchestration

Managing a fleet of network test units involves configuring drive test routes, monitoring remote equipment, and overseeing portable devices in the field. This process can be costly and labor-intensive.

To overcome this challenge, TEMS™ Cloud enables you to centralize your test fleet management by providing remote control, monitoring, and real-time data analytics, enabling efficient coordination of testing projects while testers and equipment operate in the field.

In this use case, learn how to:

  • Efficiently monitor real-time progress, analyze data, and generate customized dashboards for seamless coordination across all levels—from C-level executives to engineering teams.
  • Ensure cost-effective deployment with remote management capabilities, distributing work orders and testing routines effortlessly.
  • Enhance testing quality with standardized procedures and comprehensive alarm systems for prompt issue resolution.
  • Optimize your network testing operations with TEMS Cloud, ensuring streamlined workflows and maximizing resource efficiency.

Download our use case to delve into how, with TEMS Cloud, you can centralize orchestration, monitor in real-time, and deploy your network efficiently.