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Advanced configuration of goals and failures in TEMS™ Paragon 8.1

Goals and Failures Editor

Explore the advanced capabilities of the Goals and Failures Editor in TEMS Paragon 8.1. Join Elias Nyström, our network testing expert, as he walks you through the innovative features designed to enhance your workflow efficiency and network management precision, including:

  • Multiple operands: Simplify complex work order trees by merging nodes to create a more readable and manageable structure. 
  • Node cloning: Clone nodes effortlessly and connect them within your work order, streamlining the configuration process. 
  • Node disconnecting: Disconnect and reorder nodes to suit your specific requirements. 
  • Enhanced flexibility: Seamlessly integrate goals and failures, with the ability to clone goals as failures and vice versa. 
Screen capture of how to configure work orders in TEMS Paragon

Elevate your network testing with TEMS Paragon 8.1 and transform your operations with ease.