On-demand Webinar

Solving the Digital Transformation Challenge for Retailers

What You Need to Successfully Complete Your Stores’ Digital Transformation

How can retailers deliver a consistently high-quality experience and produce higher conversion rates in every store, for every customer and every associate, all the time?

The digital transformation of the store is critical to successfully delivering new digital in-store experiences for customers and store associates.

New applications deployed to stores are responsible for delivering these new in-store digital experiences, but what controls the user experience of these applications?

A recent Global Executive Survey of 150 retailers by EnsembleIQ Research reveals that 74% of retailers cite the IT network is an impediment to an effective digital journey for their customers.

From this on-webinar you will learn and discover:

  • The EnsembleIQ Research findings on the latest trends for digital store transformation
  • The impact of customer and associate expectations for application performance
  • How retailers need to pay equal attention to frontend and backend processes and tools including network readiness and cloud migration