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Discover Application Aware Networking for the Application Era

Fill out the form and access the ZK Research & InfoVista's discussion of how software-defined networking (SDN) is the foundation for an agile, digital enterprise and discover our latest Ipanema SD-WAN solution designed for the application era.

Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal at ZK Research, provides insights for the digital transformation of the enterprise into an agile, digital business, and how this requires rethinking network architecture and the need for managing network-centric application performance.

Ricardo Belmar, Sr Director, Enterprise Product Marketing at InfoVista shares details on the latest enhancements to the award winning Ipanema SD-WAN solution to better enable IT to protect and control the user experience for all business-critical apps in the applications era over any hybrid network.

From this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why SD-WAN and SDN have become the foundation for the agile, digital enterprise.
  • How digital transformation of the enterprise is requiring a rethink of network architectures towards a software-defined approach in the applications era.
  • Why moving to new application-centric network services requires the right application performance visibility and control to deliver the user experience needed to support the enterprise digital transformation.
  • How new hybrid WAN architectures enabled by InfoVista's Ipanema products address these challenges by delivering application-aware SD-WAN solutions.