Online Webinar

The 5 Requirements Every SD-WAN Must Meet to be Application-Aware

SD-WANs promise to enable every enterprise's digital transformation from migrating to the cloud, to powering digital customer experiences. Why, then, do enterprises risk losing up to 3% of their annual revenue to poor application performance and downtime? How do you ensure your enterprise network has enough application intelligence  to meet these demands?
Watch Zeus Kerravala, principal and founder of ZK Research, and Ricardo Belmar, Senior Director, Global Enterprise Marketing, as they'll define the five requirements an SD-WAN must meet to be application-aware. We’ll show you how to leverage application intelligence to ensure a better user experience while staying ahead of your competition and protecting your digital revenue.
Watch our webinar and discover:

  • Why application visibility plays an important role during network transformation
  • Why application QoE control is a critical requirement to know your applications will always work under any network conditions
  • Why dynamic path selection is required to ensure applications get the best network path that meets your business objectives
  • Why security is more than just an after-thought to secure your applications and protect the network from attack
  • Why WAN optimization can help reduce bandwidth requirements, delay network upgrades, and optimize application flows

You will learn why Ipanema SD-WAN, Application Intelligence for the WAN Edge, is the only solution that meets all of these requirements and how that helped the world’s largest QSR brand protect their digital revenues while enabling the digital transformation of their restaurants.