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SD-WAN Benchmarking Best Practice for QoS By the Tolly Group

While Internet bandwidth increases continually for remote sites, the application demand for that bandwidth can almost be guaranteed to grow at an even faster rate. Uncontrolled application contention for that limited resource results in degraded quality for applications.
Quality of Service (QoS) technology allows you to allocate bandwidth resources on the network based on the priority of your critical business applications, in an automated manner. A smarter SD-WAN will provide this capability using dynamic, class-based queueing that automatically adapts to the changing application workload based on the network conditions at any given time.
Not all SD-WAN solutions can do this! The Tolly Group has written this white paper to help you understand what QoS solutions should be capable of, and how to compare different solutions in the market to help you determine how you can test different solutions to see how they can meet your needs.
Download this white paper to learn how QoS is a critical component of a Smarter SD-WAN.