Point of View: Myth Busting Retail Associate Mobile Enablement

Did you know the inability to perform operational tasks on mobile is the #1 impediment to customer experience success according to store
associates? Smart use of mobile technologies can help retailers make store managers and associates more efficient, effective and productive in performing both customer-facing and operational tasks, but it takes the right technology and infrastructure to make mobile a success.

A panel of retail experts joined together and busted 10 myths that prevent retailers from realizing the benefits of mobile enablement.

Mobile enablement Experts

Get the full Point of View developed with the analysts at Incisiv to:

  • Learn why customer experience and workforce empowerment are intricately linked
  • See how the successful implementation of mobile enablement produces a 12% increase in average order value
  • Find out which retail CIO said every dollar they invested in associate technology was worth $100 of direct customer-facing technology