Solution Brief

CloudMesh: Low latency cloud-based full mesh and automated multi-cloud connectivity powered by Equinix

Paris to Prague. Or London to Sydney. The future of your business depends on enabling highly distributed remote offices with smarter, more reliable connectivity for any application on any cloud. The reality is that different clouds are suited for different aspects of your business, which means you need to build an enterprise cloud strategy that focuses on integration. 

As an IT leader, how do you maintain security and guarantee that applications work perfectly in a complex multi-cloud environment without losing control of costs? Simple: increase security and simplify how workloads move to the cloud with an advanced, cloud-based networking and security solution. 

Directly integrated with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™, Ipanema SD-WAN CloudMesh is designed to simplify and optimize the challenges of cloud migration. Combining cloud-based orchestration technology with low-latency full mesh to support geographically distributed environments, read more about its benefits, which include: 

  • Full-mesh topology for site-DC-IaaS traffic, supporting geographically distributed environments 
  • Low-latency multi-cloud connectivity on-ramp for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud 
  • Automated provisioning of CloudMesh tunnel overlay topology through Ipanema SD-WAN Orchestrator 
  • Dynamic CloudMesh PoP selection for high availability