Ipanema SD-WAN: Secure and control the Extended Edge

The digital landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift as physical HQs, sites and data centers are de-emphasized and the corporate WAN expands from clusters of manageable hubs to thousands of cloud-reliant remote work locations. 

An evolving phenomenon, this Extended Edge brings additional security and QoE challenges to your crucial IT functions. Layer in the growing adoption of BYOD, AI and IoT, and bandwidth-consumptive business applications must now be delivered in multi-cloud environments, and to remote workers’ homes. The strain on the enterprise WAN has never been greater. 

Enterprises need a network that ensures business continuity, security and application performance in a cost-effective solution. This solution brief outlines how you can: 

  • Secure and control the Extended Edge 
  • Strengthen WAN security 
  • Control and scale your costs 
  • Maximize your digital transformation for a faster time to market