Data sheet

Ipanema SD-WAN: Consumption licensing for cloud-delivered transformation

The ability to harness cloud-based ‘as a Service’ technologies is critical to successful digital transformation. The vendors who deliver these ‘XaaS’ solutions typically employ a ‘pay as you go’ model. Conversely, most SD-WAN and network service contracts are fixed-term, commercially complex, and require upfront commitments that can lead to unnecessary cost for businesses with variable resource requirements. 

Read about how we’ve created an ultra-flexible, consumption-based licensing model, to align with a cloud-first approach to network management, and integrate with the business flows of managed service providers. 

Hyper-flexible, agile and increasing customer satisfaction, Ipanema’s consumption-based licensing means: 

  • No commitment is required 
  • You only pay for what you use 
  • Improved cost efficiencies