Data Sheet

Dynamic WAN Selection

Ipanema’s Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS) is a core component of Ipanema SD-WAN and provides user-centric, dynamic path selection. It automatically chooses the best WAN connection for each application flow, taking into account the real-time end-to-end performance of all available paths. Metrics that include capacity, availability and quality are used to maximize the end-user experience and optimize the usage of all network resources.

Additionally, to enabling native integration of DWS, Ipanema provides WAN Security. Ipanema’s Hybrid WAN (i.e.: DWS + WAN Security) empowers enterprises to simultaneouslymanage MPLS and Direct Internet (without requiring additional rewall devices in the branch of ces). Therefore, this diversity of access technologies can be ef ciently controlled andoptimized in terms of available bandwidth and performance. It increases business continuity,adds IT agility and reduces bandwidth TCO.