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About Application Aware SD-WAN 

Successful Digital Transformation depends on quality user experience

Ipanema SD-WAN, the fast path to a smarter hybrid WAN

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to leverage digital technologies to drive business. 

While SD-WAN solutions are intended to simplify and centralize WAN management, without granular application intelligence and control, they are not able to guarantee the performance of business applications. Only Ipanema SD-WAN allows companies to prioritize applications according to business objectives and and ensure perfect user experience regardless of changing network conditions.

  • Network consolidation
    Simplify, centralize and streamline your network infrastructure following rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions
  • Guaranteed user experience
    Ensure perfect performance for critical business applications
  • Faster time to market
    Bring new sites and new technology online and have confidence that everything will work
  • Network audit and planning
    Gain complete visibility over WAN performance and trends so you can plan for the network
  • Maximize digital transformation ROI
    Get the most out of Cloud migrations and prove the positive business impacts
  • Increase revenue and prevent revenue loss
    Businesses lose up to 3% of revenue from poor application performance, but can increase 6% by managing it effectively.

Learn how an application-aware SD-WAN can deliver an instant QoE guarantee for your enterprise users who rely on the hybrid WAN.