Analyst Report

Solving the Top Challenges of the Digital Transformation Journey for Manufacturing 

Global Executive Survey

A new study by EIQ Research (*) and Infovista has found that a majority of manufacturers are still lagging behind in delivering a consistently good user experience at factory and supplier locations. If you’re one of these manufacturers, you’re missing out on the benefits of Industry 4.0 transformation. According to the study, the primary reason for this failure is the lack of an up-to-date network capacity management strategy that truly supports your digital transformation goals.

  • More than 70% of manufacturers are unable to provide an effective user experience.
  • 30% of manufacturers face frequent disruption due to inadequate network capacity
  • 2/3 of manufacturers feel that employee applications/devices eat up network capacity

As your user expectations grow, you not only need clear visibility into your network, you must also prioritize capacity for employee devices and applications that require Internet connectivity such as transportation and logistics, procurement, warehouse management, ERP and CRM. If you cannot do so, quality and revenue will be at risk, and your business may be severely impaired.

Our Application-Aware SD-WAN solves this problem. It ensures that critical manufacturing business applications are delivered with the most robust performance, over any network, in full alignment with your business objectives.

Download our global study and view the infographic to see how a network for decisive application performance can drive effective user experience in your business, while increasing operational excellence.

(*) The study was conducted across retail, manufacturing and financial services industries in North America and Europe.