Analyst Report

Software-Centric, Application Aware Networking Is Part of the Enterprise Digital Transformation

Application performance remains key to making the move successfully

More than 85% of enterprises are using Hybrid IT architectures to maintain legacy on-premises IT with cloud-based IT while they transition to new hybrid WAN alternatives.

This report from Ovum Research highlights the emergence of software-centric and application-aware network services, hybrid IT architectures and cloud services, and their impact on the complexity of managing application performance in line with business objectives.

These trends are creating new challenges for enterprise IT management who needs to keep a keen eye on overall application performance to achieve the performance, agility, flexibility, and cost benefits they seek.

High level of application performance visibility and guaranteed user experience are even more critical with SDN, SD-WAN, and their inherent dynamic features. IT-intensive enterprises must adopt application performance tools that enable visibility and control on a per-user, per-traffic-flow, and per-session basis.