Analyst Report

Application-Aware SD-WAN Provides Availability, Reliability, And Visibility

Companies Shift To Advanced Application-Aware SD-WAN To Meet Their Evolving Network Needs

Digitally empowered customers demand a customized experience, forcing businesses to serve them by harnessing digital assets and building an ecosystem to continually improve customer outcomes while increasing operational agility. This demand from customers, coupled with cloud adoption and migration, are poignant drivers for WAN that have been static and manually driven to provide high availability in a hub-and-spoke design. WANs should mirror the ecosystem and lay out a dynamic, flexible networking fabric.
In November 2018, Infovista commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate application-aware software-defined wide area networks (app-aware SD-WAN) adoption and use. We found that IT decision makers need WAN solutions that provide broad network availability and visibility, as well as performance reliability, control, and consistency (i.e., user experience) to optimize the network in real time. Visibility is the key element in automating network flexibility, agility, and reliability.
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