Application Aware SD-WAN - Hidden Key to a Transformative In-Store Customer Experience

Read any news account and whether it is positive or negative, everyone agrees that retail is changing and changing rapidly. Ecommerce is growing in influence and retailers are worried about foot traffic in the face of greater online competition.

For the last 3 years IHL has been researching and recommending to retailers that to transform the retail experience and to keep consumers coming back to their stores, retailers must commit to making the IT spending commitments for Unified Commerce. This is an approach that provides a single view of inventory and customer data regardless of the channel with insight into the customer journey from initial interest through to delivery and potential returns. Silos of data are no longer acceptable in a world where marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart are helping drive ecommerce growth.

In our research we found 4 technologies that are the foundational building blocks of Unified Commerce. In fact, without these in place retailers that are investing in shiny objects technology will never achieve the ROI objectives promised by vendors.