A-Z guide of SD-WAN and cloud edge networking terms and trends

While you might know the basics of SD-WAN – or software-defined wide area networking – it’s an evolving and complex technology. In recent years, this evolution has been accelerated both by cloudification and by workers moving into the ‘Extended Edge’. If you’re interested in making your systems run more smoothly and securely, SD-WAN could be part of the solution. 

A-Z Guide preview

But it’s hard to assess the landscape if new terms have emerged that you’re unfamiliar with. Do you know your overlay from your underlay or cloud mesh from the multi-cloud, how web-secure gateways work, what orchestration is, or the ins and outs of firewalls, SDI, NFV and SASE? 

This A-Z guide sets you on the right path by: 

  • Highlighting the new – and more established – terms you should know 
  • Providing digestible but authoritative definitions for each of these 30+ terms 
  • Arranging the entries within themed clusters for a better understanding of how things fit together 
  • Offering an alphabetized list for quick reference