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Assuring Network Service Performance & Quality Over Virtualized & Dynamic Networks 

Heavy Reading White Paper

With NFV and SDN well on the way to being part of communications service providers’ (CSPs’) service offerings, many are realizing that the leap from lab to production requires vast and disruptive changes to their OSS.

OSS is proving to be the keystone in the foundation of both NFV- and SDN- based service offerings. The success of an NFV- or SDN- based offering in the market will be based on how well that offering is assured and in particular, how well it performs.

In this whitepaper from Heavy Reading, you’ll learn about:

  • The distinct characteristics of NFV and SDN and their relationship with end-to-end service assurance. 
  • Infovista’s service assurance maturity model and the necessary steps to successfully transition to NFV and SDN. 
  • The challenges of assuring network services and resultant requirements for next generation service assurance solutions to succeed in a virtualized and dynamic world.